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School Introduction
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The school of Materials Science and Engineering, CQJTU now has three undergraduate majors, namely, materials science and engineering, materials physics, and applied chemistry; one first-level master degree authorization spot for materials science and engineering, one specialized master’s degree authorization spot in the field of materials engineering. “Materials Science and Engineering” is the Chongqing municipal key discipline, first-class major, “three-characteristic action plan” characteristic major, and has been selected into Chongqing municipal civil construction characteristic discipline major group.

The school currently has 79 faculty and staff, with 19 professors and 43 associate professors. The teachers with senior professional titles account for over 70%, with 47 having doctor’s degrees. The ratios of teachers with senior professional titles or doctor’s degrees exceed 60%. The school now has 1 provincial & ministry level innovation team and 1 teaching team respectively, 4 national level and provincial & ministry level scientific research platforms. Combing with discipline frontiers, the school has been carrying researches in resources recycling technology, asphaltic base engineering materials, inorganic nonmetallic materials, materials physics & chemistry and achieved fruitful results in traffic civil engineering materials filed.